Globally Inspired Skincare

My name is Marilyn Lacey and I am a artisan of all things that bring joy and bubbles to your bath and body routine using unparalleled ingredients from all over the globe. I call Winter Haven, FL home and have three fur babies. 

My two passions in life are creating organic, globally sources skincare products and traveling the world.  

One morning I woke up and thought why not combine these two passions? I began to research the finest quality ingredients from all around the globe and wanted to assure customers that what goes into each and every product I craft is nothing less than superior quality. 

I had one goal in mind when I launched this company; to provide a personal experience that will leave not only your skin supple and hydrated but also leave you knowing that it's OK to close that bathroom door for a while and spend some time on yourself. I promise. I do that by using ingredients such as cocoa butter derived from the cocoa beans in Ghana, Moringa Oil from India, and Lavender distilled in the south of France The products I use are sourced from organic suppliers (where available) are animal cruelty free and those that embrace ecological practices.

I want to share the stories of the special people across the world that spend their lives sustaining the earth and passing down their family heritage using old school techniques with the help of modern tools. I want to democratize corporate retail and even the playing field. I want to give back by donating my time and a portion of my profits to help in cleaning up our natural water sources. I want to make this world a better place for our families by reducing waste and using recyclable packaging.

I invite you to pour yourself a glass of wine, (as if you need an excuse) and leisurely browse through my artisan soaps and skin care products while gleaning tidbits about the ingredients I use. 


Meet my girls (often called hellions). Patches, Pebbles and Jinx. Yes, I am THAT lady! 


Some fun facts about me:

I have a son and a grandson that are the loves of my life.

I was born in the midwest so I have ZERO accent. Even after living in the south most of my life, the word y'all just isn't in my vocabulary. Sir and ma'am are.

I have physically (packed my things into actual boxes) moved 56 times and I am not even an army brat although my father did serve in WWII. Thank you to all of our active military and veterans.

I have been blessed to travel to 54 countries (if I get to count all of the Caribbean islands). My best friend and I backpacked it for 2 weeks in Europe and were ALMOST homeless in Germany. Best.Trip. Ever.

I got kicked out of Girl Scouts in the 9th grade. Loved the cookies but had a bit of an attitude. I chalk it up to all of the moving.

I have a Business degree, spent 15 years in accounting and 15 years in Human Resources. Let me tell you, THAT'S where the real stories are. We would need to have a weekend to cover those. Drinks included of course.

I used to ride a motorcycle. I owned 2 Harley Davidson Deuce's. I loved the adventure and the wind in my hair. Let's be honest, it's more like the wind in your face, tangled hair and bugs smacking you at 50 mph, but it was fun.

I and my company support 2 main causes:

Save the Mermaids which was created to clean up oceans from plastics and debris and

Save the Chubby Unicorns which is the nickname for the Rhino Conservatory in Batswana. Rhinos are poached by the hundreds each day for their horns. 

I also volunteer in my local community and supply soaps to a local shelter. 

Please be sure to follow me on Facebook at and Instagram at lavendernlilac. Also, please sign up for my newsletter and feel free to send me an email with any questions or comments, fun stories or just to say hello.