Yogurt Dry Mask

This luxurious facial mask contains Powdered Yogurt which moisturizes, Kaolin Clay which soothes and Powdered Honey which provides natural antimicrobial properties. 

What is a dry mask and why should I use one? Powdered Facial Masks allow you to customize your mask every time you use one of them. If your skin is dry in the winter, use a light oil. If it is more oily in the summer, use witch hazel or an acidic liquid. That's the great thing about our dry masks. You can use them anytime! Try one or all of them for different results.

To use: Mix less than a capful of your choice of mask with your choice of liquid until it makes a paste. Apply in a circular motion to the face avoiding the eyes. Allow to sit on the skin for a minimum of10 minutes. Rinse & apply moisturizer. Repeat once a week or as needed.

Made of a facial friendly blend of Powdered Yogurt, Kaolin Clay & Powdered Honey.

100% Natural

3.0 oz.