Noth Star Dirt Hunters Spray

Part of our North Star Men's Collection, our odor neutralizing Dirt spray was designed just for our hunters, male and female. 

Your are up in the stand and you eye that 8 pointer. You can feel your mouth salivating as the buck is within range. Suddenly, the buck picks up his head, looks straight at you and darts away. You know you didn't make a peep so how did he notice you? Perhaps it was your scent? Yes, they can smell you regardless of the Unscented soap you used.

Don't lose that buck. Next time use our Dirt Hunters Spray. Not only will you smell just like the natural fauna of the wild (our nice way of saying dirt), our spray will actually neutralize your scent leaving nothing of you for the buck to smell. 

Use a couple of spritzes of our spray a couple of times a day to keep those bucks within range. 

4 oz bottle. 

Our products are never tested on animals, only dirty friends and family.