Soap Tapas

Want to try them all or just can't decide? Our Soap Tapas are the perfect solution. Soap Tapas are packaged in a tin tie bag containing a random selection of slivers of soaps. The Soap Tapas weighs in at the equivalent of about 3 bars of soap so you get a tad of this & tad of that. Keep them all for yourself or share them with a friend. Each package will have a different variety so stock up on several. Soap Tapas are great as a hand & all over body soap.  Take them when you travel, display them in a guest bath or share them with a friend. The Soap Tapas are made as we create our bars of soap so no two are alike. Unfortunately, we can't take special orders on these. You get what you get.

Try these with our sisal soap pouch for optimal use.

Soap Slivers Contain a saponified blend of Olive, Refined Sweet Almond, Safflower, Coconut & Palm Kernel Oils, Shea Butter along with all natural additives & 100% Natural Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils and Mica.    

We make our soaps from scratch, each ingredient serves a purpose. Our soaps lather well and cleanse without leaving your skin dry. The oils we use in our soaps are moisturizing and each bar which retains the glycerin that is naturally produced in the soap making process. 

98% natural, gluten free, vegan friendly.

Each bar weighs approximately 4.5 +/- oz.

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